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Where Creativity Meets Opportunity

We help influencers navigate the creator economy and collaborate with brands. 

Our talent management service provides the support and resources needed for influencers to maximize their reach and success

Social Media platform you want us to manage?

How Can You Benefit?

Exclusive Access to 130+ Brands and 500+ Agencies

Brand Outreach Made Easy

Customized Media Kit & Content Strategy

Hassle Free Inbox Management

Expert Lead Negotiaton

Multiple Income Streams

At Flutch, we understand that creators thrive when they can focus on their true passion - creating extraordinary content. That's why we're here to handle the rest. Our dedicated team of experts will connect you with the perfect brands, negotiate unbeatable deals on your behalf, and efficiently manage contracts. With Flutch managing the business side of things, you can fully immerse yourself in bringing your creative vision to life.

Join Flutch today and unleash your full creative potential!

Brands That Trust Us


Why Join Flutch?

We simplify your influencer marketing ideas and help you achieve your goals easily, making us the top choice for connecting you with the best influencers.

 100% Transparency

At Flutch, we're transparent with a 20% commission on brand deals and no hidden charges. Stay informed with real-time deal updates and detailed weekly reports, emphasizing honesty and transparency in all our endeavors.

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130+ Brands & 500+ Agency Network

Flutch: Partnered with 150+ brands, 500+ agencies. Boost visibility, enhance collaboration. Diverse niches: beauty, lifestyle, tech, gaming, finance. Your access to a wide creator range!

Top Notch Support

At Flutch, our dedicated experts ensure your success. Business team secures best deals, finance team handles contracts and invoicing. Analytics team provides insights, creative team delivers exceptional content - scriptwriting, thumbnail design, video editing.

Some Of Our Exclusive Creators

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