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Unlocking the Potential of Health & Wellness: Flutch's Collaboration Fuels True Elements' Glorious Kerala Journey


Discover how True Elements, an online store offering healthy and nutritious food products, successfully captured the hearts and palates of the health-conscious Kerala market. Through a strategic partnership with influential personalities in the health and wellness space, True Elements' campaign created impactful brand awareness and drove engagement.


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Campaign Objective

The campaign aimed to promote the products of True Elements, with a specific focus on the Kerala market. The objective was to create awareness and generate interest in True Elements' offerings among the target audience in Kerala.

What We Did

To maximize the impact and build on the brand image, relevant influencers were tapped into for the campaign. True Elements partnered with influencers who had a strong online presence and were highly relevant to the health and wellness niche. These influencers effectively communicated the benefits of True Elements' products, aligning with the brand's values of healthy living and natural ingredients.


True Elements collaborated with Sindhu Krishna, Silu Talks Salha, Sowbhagya, and Parvan Life. These influencers were chosen based on their ability to resonate with the target audience and their expertise in promoting health and wellness. Through their influential platforms, they effectively communicated the benefits of True Elements' products, enhancing brand visibility and engagement.

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