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Revolutionizing Health Marketing: Flutch's Impactful Campaign for Nveda!


Discover how Flutch's strategic influencer campaigns propelled Nveda's nutrition and health supplements into the limelight. By partnering with trusted influencers and renowned doctors, we generated genuine supplement reviews, fostering brand authenticity and trust. With 21+ impactful videos, 6 million+ views, and an average engagement of 36.15, Nveda's rise is unstoppable.


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Campaign Objective

Strategize and execute buzz-worthy  influencer campaigns for Nveda nutrition and health supplements to increase brand visibility and recall by incorporating credible influencers who create genuine supplement reviews to improve brand’s relevance in the market.

What We Did

We strategized influencer campaigns to launch Nveda, a nutrition and health supplement of Omega 3 Fish Oil, to promote it among the target audience across India. 

Our primary challenge was to identify credible influencers with a high trust factor among the target audience. We carefully selected macro and micro-influencers from various niches, including health, wellness, fitness, and lifestyle, to create genuine supplement review content and increase brand relevance in the market. 

In order to extend our reach, we partnered with prominent creators from North India and we also involved renowned doctor influencers to produce content that enhances the authenticity and credibility of the brand, thereby fostering trust among the audience.

As a result of our effective campaign, we achieved substantial brand recognition and visibility for Nveda supplements throughout India with overall 21+ videos and 6 million+ overall views with an average engagement of 36.15.


To promote and establish nveda's omega 3 fish oil tablets as a trustworthy and renowned product in the market, we carefully handpicked influential creators who have left a lasting impact on their audience through their high-quality content. Some of these creators include Dr. Ankesh Sahetya, Dr. Ankur Sarin, Soubhagya Venkatesh, Jasly, Debina Decodes, Vyshnavi, among others. These creators can effectively endorse nveda's supplements and provide valuable insights into the product's benefits and features. By partnering with these creators, we aimed to enhance nveda's brand reputation and gain the trust of potential customers who are seeking omega 3 fish oil supplements.

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