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Unlock Your Hair's Potential: Man Matters Hair Growth Gummies Elevated by Flutch’s Insights


Discover how Flutch's data-driven strategy propelled Man Matters Biotin Hair Growth Gummies to the forefront, captivating millions with 100+ impactful videos. With an average CPV of 0.265 and an engagement rate of up to 6.750, this campaign positioned the product as the ultimate solution for men's hair fall problems.


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Campaign Objective

To increase  brand recall among the targeted male audience for the newly launched Man Matters premium product Biotin hair growth gummies The main aim was to position it as the go-to solution for men’s hair fall problems, and in turn promote the brand's USP - ‘clinically proven to increase hair growth by taking one gummy per day for two months’

What We Did

We played a critical role in strategizing and delivering a successful campaign for bringing out Man Matters Biotin Hair Growth Gummies, into the limelight.

To establish the product's solidity, we created male-centric videos that addressed specific male hair problems and showcased the product as a viable solution for that. Our primary approach was to focus on male creators from the facts channel, as well as male creators who produced grooming, fitness, and health content on youtube and we requested them to integrate content on biotin hair growth gummies.

A significant challenge was to identify fact channel male influencers who produced compelling, high-quality content that had a strong impact on their audience and we had to ensure that they adhered to the brand's guidelines while creating the content.

The campaign resulted in the creation of 100+ videos that gained 24 million+ views with an average CPV of 0.265 and an engagement rate of up to 6.750. Our data-driven strategy made a significant impact on the brand’s name, increasing brand identification and establishing the product's prominence.


We possessed a unique database comprising various male creators specific to the facts channel. We utilized prominent creators such as Irfan's View, Akhil NRD, Ashwin Madappaly, Angry Rantman, and Lakshay Chaudhary, among others. These creators were selected based on their engagement rate, reliability factor, and high-quality content production. By collaborating with them, we were able to reach a large male audience and effectively promote the brand's USP as a solution for hair loss and hair fall.

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