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Unlocking Affordable Healthcare: Disruptive Influence and Game-Changing Metrics Backed by Flutch’s Industry Insights


Discover the power of Flipkart Health+ campaign! With a focus on quality healthcare products and accessories, this influential campaign showcases hero supplements and key offerings, establishing Flipkart Health+ as the go-to platform.


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Campaign Objective

The campaign's objective was to promote the healthcare products available on Flipkart Health+. It focused on showcasing the hero supplements and other key healthcare offerings, establishing Flipkart Health+ as the leading platform for healthcare products and accessories.

What We Did

To achieve the campaign objectives, Flipkart Healthcare collaborated with relevant influencers. These influencers were carefully selected to showcase the healthcare products and position Flipkart Health+ as a trusted source for healthcare needs. Their role was to communicate the benefits and features of the products offered by Flipkart Health+.


To amplify the campaign's reach and impact, Flipkart Healthcare partnered with Jyoti Chauhan, Riya, Neha Jha, Rashmi Rai, and Sweta Mehta. These influencers were chosen based on their relevance to the healthcare niche, engaged audience, and their ability to effectively communicate the benefits of healthcare products and accessories.

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