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Creating Buzz: Driving Engagement for Phy Life Perfumes with Data-Backed Strategies


Phy Life Perfumes partnered with male creators to position it as a must-have accessory for modern men. By leveraging their unique audiences and showcasing Phy Life's fragrance range through captivating video concepts, the campaign drove significant brand awareness and sales.


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Campaign Objective

To leverage the brand recognition of phy life perfumes for men among the targeted audience pan India by utilizing different creators who are into specific niches like grooming, beaty, etc as to drive sales.

What We Did

Our strategy for PhyLife was to leverage male creators who are significantly focused on grooming niche, and we worked with them to showcase the brand's range of perfumes for men. We collaborated with these creators to develop engaging video concepts, such as gifting perfumes for men, that showcased PhyLife as a must-have accessory for any modern man. Our team also helped in ideating and putting together different deliverables, such as social media posts and other promotional materials, to promote the brand across multiple platforms. By leveraging the audiences of these male creators and highlighting the unique qualities of PhyLife's perfumes, we were able to increase brand awareness and drive sales among the targeted audience. Ultimately, our collaboration and strategic approach helped to establish PhyLife as a top-of-mind brand in the fragrance category, positioning it as a reliable perfume solution for consumers. We delivered 20+ videos over 12 million+ videos with over 0.21 CPV


To promote Phy Life and increase brand recall, we collaborated with a range of influential creators, including Shoaib Ibrahim, The Bong Guy, Saiman Says, and others. Each of these creators has established credibility in their respective niches, ranging from grooming, lifestyle to entertainment.

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