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From Hesitation to Education: Flutch Amplifies Carmesi's Message to 30 Million+ Women


Breaking stereotypes and empowering women, Flutch partnered with influential YouTube creators to promote Carmesi's female-centric hygiene products. Through engaging content addressing taboo topics, the campaign generated over 30 million views, increased brand visibility, and educated the audience about the benefits of natural and eco-friendly intimate care.


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Campaign Objective

To increase brand recall by educating the target audience on Carmesi’s range of female-centric products and to break stereotypes about women discussing sensitive topics and create educational content to address and solve female hygiene related issues. Our campaign involved inviting female creators to talk openly about taboo topics and the benefits of using female-centric products offered by Carmesi, such as body razors, face razors, period panties, and menstrual cups, etc. The aim was to create a buzz around the brand, increase overall brand visibility and educate the audience on the benefits of using these products

What We Did

Our campaign strategy for Carmesi involved collaborating with bold and influential female YouTube creators to promote their female-centric hygiene products. The goal was to reach out to audiences in tier 2/3 towns of India, where the conversation around menstruation and other sensitive issues is not as prevalent as in other parts of the country. The challenge sought to identify creators who were not only comfortable addressing taboo topics but also willing to promote the benefits of Carmesi's products to their followers.

We focused on creators with niches in lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and grooming, and repeated collaborations with those who had already produced engaging content for Carmesi through us. Our content involved creators freely sharing their personal problems, talking about taboo topics, and the benefits, features and application of the products. We successfully launched over 100+ videos, resulting in over 30 million+ views and an average CPV of 0.479 per video. Our effective communication with both the brand and creators resulted in on-time delivery, creative content, and increased engagement and brand awareness, making Carmesi an authentic female centric hygiene brand in the market.


Our role was to carefully select the best female creators on YouTube who had a high trust factor and the ability to create quality content that resonated with their audience. 

Our main criteria for selection was based on their niche, engagement levels, and their willingness to talk freely about taboo topics related to female hygiene products offered by Carmesi. Some of the creators we collaborated with include Soubhagya Venkatesh, Meenu Lakshmi, Amritha Pranay, Manju Mailk, Archu Ravi, Ranjini Haridas, etc among others.

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