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Empowering Brand Managers: Five Quotes For The Day!

Wow, it's been such a hectic week at work, and I have to admit, I was in desperate need of some motivation to keep pushing through and write more blogs. Funny enough, as a content writer, I didn't fully grasp how impactful words from others can be on our minds. But when I found myself in need of a little pick-me-up, I decided to search for some inspiring quotes, and boy, did they make a difference! It made me realize just how much words can affect our mental well-being. So, I decided to dig up five motivational quotes related to influencer marketing that can really ignite the motivation of brand managers. So let’s look into it.

Women with various communication and marketing tools around

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.” — Seth Godin

This clearly emphasizes the importance of effectively executing your brand's influencer marketing strategy. When you find the right influencer who aligns with your brand's voice and can authentically tell your story, it has the potential to create something truly magical. It's crucial to seek out influencers who can genuinely connect with your audience and foster long-lasting relationships with your customers.

There are exceptional people out there who are capable of starting an epidemic, all you have to do is find them - Malcolm Goldwell

Malcolm Goldwell's quote about influencer marketing highlights the immense power influencers hold. It's a clear reminder of how influential and impactful they can be when utilized in marketing campaigns. Nowadays, traditional advertisements don't hold as much trust as they used to. People place their trust in the recommendations and opinions of influencers. It's a testament to the effectiveness of influencer marketing and the importance of leveraging their influence to connect with audiences.

“Perhaps the biggest advantage of using influencers is that you have the opportunity to choose people who are part of your target market, or who appeal to your target market.” — Neal Schaffer

The quote by marketing expert Neal Schaffer reminds us of the significance of knowing our target audience and collaborating with influencers whose followers can truly resonate with our message. It's a gentle nudge to never overlook the importance of connecting with our intended audience. After all, they are the ones we want to engage and build relationships with.

Awareness is fine, but advocacy will take your business to the next level - Joe Tripodi

This quote about influencer marketing highlights something crucial - it's not just about getting your brand noticed, but also about harnessing the incredible power of advocacy. Influencer marketing serves as a form of advocacy, where influencers passionately promote and support your brand. It's a win-win situation because it not only boosts brand awareness but also generates genuine advocacy from influencers and their engaged audience.

“Growing an online presence is important. Presence doesn’t equal influence. Presence can be measured in social media followings. Influence can’t.” — Martha Giffen

When it comes to influencer marketing and potential influencers to collab with, consider more than just follower count. Nothing can guarantee success when it comes to campaigns, but a high number of followers alone certainly won’t. Those followers should also be supporters and trust that any recommendation an influencer makes is reliable and necessary.


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