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From Brand Awareness to Sales Surge: Flutch's Expertise Takes Bombae to New Heights


Discover how Flutch successfully launched Bombae's female-centric hair removal products through influential creators, establishing a distinctive brand in the market. By collaborating with credible voices in beauty and lifestyle, such as Aarushi Crib, Sneha Sen, and Gauri Crib, Bombae's innovative solutions gained traction, driving brand awareness and sales.


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Campaign Objective

To spread word about the newly launched Bombae’s products through influencer campaigns and to help launch Bombae in the market to expand the brand's name among the targeted women consumers and raise recognition to drive sales.

What We Did

Our goal was to launch Bombae's female-centric hair removal products like Faze and Body Razors in the market through influential creators. Our strategy was to work with female creators who could create high-quality content that resonated with women, while also highlighting the ease and safety of Bombae's products. We successfully overcame the challenge of finding the right influencers and delivered the expected content on time. As a result, Bombae was able to establish a distinctive name in the market, and our collaboration and effective communication with both the brand and creators helped to make the campaign a success.


To spread the word of Bombae to the targeted audience, we collaborated with influential creators Aarushi Crib, Sneha Sen, and Gauri Crib, among others. These creators have established themselves as credible voices in the beauty and lifestyle niches and have amassed significant followings on social media. Through engaging content, they were able to showcase the benefits and effectiveness of Bombae's hair removal solutions, driving brand awareness and sales among their respective audiences.

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