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Fueling Results: Plum Witnesses 2.6 Engagement Rate for Birthday Sale with Flutch’s Industry Insights and Strategies


Plum is a 100% vegan beauty brand from India that offers a wide range of skin and hair care products. Plum offers clean beauty products that combine natural ingredients and science for effective results that benefit both people and the planet.


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Campaign Objective

To increase exposure of Plum's Anniversary Birthday sale by collaborating with highly-regarded macro influencers on Instagram and YouTube who have a significant following amongst the women audience The goal was to not only showcase Plum's products in an appealing way, but also to generate excitement around their three-day live sale for Plum’s Anniversary.

What We Did

We strategically utilized different deliverables to spread the word about the deals and showcase the quality of Plum's products. Reels were used to spread the word around the sale, while YouTube videos were used to showcase the product quality and highlight the benefits of purchasing during the sale. We brought these deliverables together to form a cohesive and effective campaign for Plum's Birthday Sale.

Our partnership with Plum has been ongoing for two years, during which we have significantly increased the brand's notoriety and established it as the leading choice among the targeted audience in the market. The main challenge we faced was ensuring that all content created by creators adhered strictly to ASCI and brand guidelines, including full disclosure of paid sponsorships and collaborations.

We shared the approved script and content with the brand prior to the live date to ensure compliance. Despite these challenges, the annual birthday sale campaign was highly successful and within the 2.6 crore budget allocated, we were able to achieve increased ROI. We were strict about timely delivery of content and constantly monitored updates on the three-day sale promotions through stories, posts, video content, and more.


To create excitement and buzz around Plum's birthday sale, we carefully selected only the most high-profile and influential creators on Instagram and YouTube from across India. To generate maximum audience engagement and interest in the campaign, some of the creators we collaborated with included Deepika Kakkar, and Niveditha Thomas, Ahaana Krishna, Priya P Warrier, Sidhshnu, Deepika Ki Duniya, Vyshnavi, Lasya among others. These creators have a significant following and are well-known for their engaging content, and by working with such top-tier influencers, we were able to generate a high level of anticipation among our target audience.

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