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Influence Redefined: Winning Formula for Mamaearth's Campaign by Flutch


Mamaearth is a highly trusted Indian brand, offering the best-in-class skincare products that use safe, natural, and toxin-free ingredients. Their products are Made Safe certified, making them Asia's first brand to receive this accolade. Mamaearth collaborates with skincare experts to bring the best natural skincare experience for both men and women.


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Campaign Objective

The goal is to increase the brand reputation among the target audience on a monthly basis for newly launched products by Mamaearth, using top playing influencers on instagram and youtube, by making winsome product reviews, video content and establishing the brand's notability in the market.

What We Did

Our influencer strategy for Mamaearth involved a monthly campaign with a mix of existing macro and new micro creators to do youtube integrated content. We arranged and managed monthly detailed product reviews for every new product launches, along with a variety of content-based videos by repeating the influencers that drove brand reach among the targeted audience.

Additionally, we provided fresh concepts to creators and brands, and assisted with scriptwriting and content launch. However, our challenge was to ensure that all creators strictly adhered to the ASCI guidelines and brand guidelines provided in the product brief to maintain brand reputation and ensure compliance.

Our strategy proved to get the results as we launched 30+ videos that garnered over 8.3million+ views with a total CPV of 0.1649.


Our campaign utilized several creators who have a significant impact on their audiences across India, due to the quality of content they produce and their engagement rates. The creators we collaborated with included Noorin Shereef, Kavitha Naga, Motovlogger Jannu Stuntz, Farina Rahman among others. By partnering with such influential and diverse creators, we were able to reach a broader audience and create engaging content that resonated with viewers.

Campaign Metrics


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