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Maximise ROI with Flutch's Influencer Marketing - IBA's Festive Campaign Achieves 0.23 CPV


Iba is a Halal and PETA certified beauty brand that offers ethical beauty solutions and their range of products is free of harsh chemicals and animal-derived ingredients, made with potent natural actives and ingredients.


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Campaign Objective

To leverage IBA's Halal-certified products during Ramadan season, by creating content portrayed by multiple influencers that resonate with the Muslim audience in the southern states and in turn increase sales through the launched campaign.

What We Did

During the Ramadan season, we worked with over 70+ Muslim creators across South India to promote IBA's Halal certified cosmetic products. We asked the creators to produce concept videos showcasing the process of getting ready using IBA products while emphasizing their halal certification.

One of the challenges we faced was ensuring that the creators were dressed in a festive spirit to create a relatable and engaging campaign. We also filtered through numerous Muslim influencers, particularly those in the makeup artist, beauty, and grooming niches. We ensured that the creators highlighted the importance of using halal certified makeup products in all their content.

Over the past two years, we played a vital role in IBA's successful festive campaign by delivering over 330 videos. Despite the challenge of finding makeup artist influencers, Flutch provided multiple creators in the same category. Our commitment to providing effective festive campaigns for IBA resulted in increased profits, engagement, views, and established the brand as trustworthy and relevant in the market. We also provided metrics on reach, engagement, and views after execution, helping IBA Cosmetics make informed decisions for future campaigns.


For the Eid campaign, Flutch utilized a mix of muslim beauty and makeup influencers to promote Halal certified cosmetic products, aiming to build trust and increase brand’s value among consumers. The influencers involved in the campaign included Noorin Shah, Zubed Ali, and Shamna Khazim etc among others.

Campaign Metrics


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