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Shriya Saran and Indus Valley: A Powerful Collaboration for a Healthier Lifestyle


Shriya Saran 

Discover how Indus Valley, India's No.1 Healthy Kitchenware Brand, teamed up with health-conscious celebrity Shriya Saran to promote toxin-free cookware and inspire a healthy lifestyle.

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Campaign Objective

Indus Valley wanted to communicate the importance of healthy living through their cookware, as well as increase awareness and product education on how their products are toxin free so you can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What We Did

The perfect way to target the right audience was to pick a celebrity/influencer who not only has a good reach amongst the target audience but is also relatable in terms of their lifestyle.


Shriya Saran

Hence, we picked Shriya Saran - a health-conscious mother who is known across India. She was a perfect fit for the collaboration as she could talk about her and her family’s healthy lifestyle and how she maintains it using Indus Valley cookware. 


Hence, we wrote a reel script focusing on the features of the product as well as the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The video was shot at her house for the authentic feel, and we also took product shots for her to endorse on the brand’s website.

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