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Stanza Living is a tech-enabled housing concept that provides fully-furnished shared living spaces with a range of amenities, including meals, laundry, and security. The brand is offering fully-managed accommodations aimed at students and young professionals.


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Campaign Objective

To enhance brand name and create a trending buzz around the targeted audience aged 18+ looking for shared living spaces in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu by showcasing fully-furnished Stanza Living accommodations and amenities through a diversified creators' approach.

What We Did

We planned a successful campaign strategy on instagram for Stanza Living by collaborating with over 20+ micro and macro influencers from different regions across India, primarily North and South, to promote the brand through engaging  content, showcasing the property creatively . We faced challenges such as sourcing the right creators from tier 2 cities and planning their visit to nearby properties, logistics management to ensure efficient shooting, aligning content with the influencer's niche and content between two macro influencers where it involves mutual collab to showcase various activities they can do together at the property. 


Flutch collaborated with a variety of influencers, both macro and micro, from diverse regions, to create engaging Instagram reels showcasing the amenities and accommodations of Stanza Living properties. Influencers such as Shubham Gaur, Sidhanth Sarfar, and Mahima Seth were chosen to target big cities and promote the brand in a humorous and relatable way. Parvati Das, Tanmay Chavan, Aayush Sapra are among the other micro influencers. These influencers visited the properties, highlighting the available amenities and showcasing the accommodation spaces through detailed video footage.

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