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Flo offers compressed, tech-enabled mattresses and sleep accessories for people in India. The online buying process is simple and informative, with a 10-year warranty and a 100-night free trial for consumer confidence. Flo is also exploring data-driven smart solutions for product innovation.


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Campaign Objective

To increase brand value by positioning Flo mattresses among the targeted audience as the leading mattress brand in India by collaborating with influential YouTube creators. Our goal is to showcase the quality and comfort of Unique Flo mattresses through integrated content, thereby building a high level of trust in the market throughout India.

What We Did

We aimed to create authentic and genuine product reviews for Flo mattress by utilizing credible YouTube creators to do integrated videos. Our strategy involved showcasing the unboxing of the mattress, along with the creators' experiences of laying on it and highlighting the unique mattresses they get such as anti-gravity, ortho foam, ergo comfort, etc. We selected creators from niches like tech, lifestyle,gaming etc and negotiated with them to lower their charges as they were provided with high-quality mattresses. 


We carefully selected influencers based on our database and analysis of their YouTube performance and engagement, to showcase Flo mattress. Our chosen influencers were Cyber Tamizha, Prathap G Tech, and Sharath's Neon Tech, LOL etc who have a strong online presence as they created more genuine, creative content and has high trust factor among their audience.

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