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Clovia is a trusted brand for lingerie, sleepwear, loungewear, activewear, shapewear, and personal care, catering to over 30 million urban millennial Indian women. They offer premium solution-based innerwear, understanding the diverse needs of Indian women.


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Campaign Objective

First and foremost to create brand value for Clovia among female audiences in Southern India about their high-quality lingerie, activewear, and loungewear and  secondly to create buzz about the various available discount, and offers on their website, by only using female celebrities and influencers to create youtube integrated content who are specifically into the fashion, lifestyle, beauty, niche.

What We Did

We utilized female creators to produce YouTube integrated videos that focused on brands’ awareness and dedicated videos to showcase Clovia's quality, along with credible in-depth reviews. We gave creators freedom to choose from active wear, lounge wear, or lingerie categories, and share their personal experiences of wearing Clovia, highlighting the brand's quality, deals, and ongoing offers.

Despite facing challenges in selecting the right influencers and presenting the content creatively,  our campaign successfully raised awareness about the importance of high-quality comfort wear for women. Our efforts resulted in over 18 YouTube videos with 600k+ views, significantly increasing Clovia's visibility.


We selected female content creators on YouTube who not only possess  a loyal audience but have  a significant number of subscribers in otherwise niche segments such as fashion, beauty, lifestyle, etc. Examples include the buoyant sisters, Anupama Ananthkumar, Vanitha Vijaykumar, among others. Their content is reliable and of superior quality, catering to their audience's needs.

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