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Top 9 Dance Influencers in India

Here's a list of top dance influencers in India.

Himanshu Dulani, the dance sensation from Gwalior, India, is a true urban groove master. With a staggering 589K Instagram followers and 1.09M YouTube subscribers, he's got the moves that make the internet groove. Born on December 9, 1994, Himanshu's passion for dance ignited at a young age, overpowering any interest in conventional studies. He's trained in Hiphop, leaving the dance community in awe of his skills. From a small town to global fame, Himanshu Dulani is proof that dreams come true when you follow your rhythm.

Introducing Sagar Bora, the dance sensation who commands a devoted following of 278K on Instagram and 89.8K on YouTube. As the founder and member of the acclaimed hip-hop crew "13.13," Sagar is at the forefront of India's dance scene. His remarkable talent earned him the prestigious Gold Medal at the Indian Hip Hop Dance Championship 2k13. From captivating audiences on the popular TV show Dance Plus Season 1 to choreographing the music video "GF BF" directed by Remo D'Souza, Sagar's creativity knows no bounds. With viral choreographies like "Koi Seheri Babu" and "Sun Re Sajaniya," he has taken social media by storm.

Akash Thapa, the 18-year-old dance sensation from Dehradun, has taken the internet by storm with 1.2 million followers on both Instagram and Youtube, and cemented his position as one of the top dance influencers in India. From being one of the top 4 finalists on Super Dancer Season 2 to mentoring on Dance Deewane, his talent knows no bounds. Akash's viral choreographies, like "Ek Main Aur Ek Tu," have earned him widespread recognition. He is not just a dancer, he also owns a street-style merchandise line under his name. This rising star is a true inspiration, captivating audiences with his unmatched skills and youthful charisma.

Dharmik Samani, the talented dancer, and choreographer, has garnered a dedicated following of 270k on Instagram. He is trained in Hip Hop, House, and Jazz. Dharmik's claim to fame lies in his exceptional choreographies of Bollywood songs, such as "Kajra Re" and "Do Dhaari Talwar." Alongside his individual pursuits, he also leads a dynamic dance group called Nishani. Dharmik Samani continues to inspire as a prominent figure in the dance community.

Dharmik Samani, dancer/choreographer

Dhanashree Verma, the dynamic Indian choreographer, dancer, and dentist, has amassed a staggering 5.6M Instagram followers and 2.63 million subscribers on youtube. Born on September 27, 1996, she is also the wife of renowned cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal. Known for her energetic dances, Dhanashree has even made the Indian cricket team, including players like Shikhar Dhawan and Shreyas Iyer, groove to her beats. She choreographed the official hook step for RCB a few years back and showcased her talent through acting and choreography in music videos.

Get ready to be mesmerized by Nidhi Kumar, the dynamic artist with 350K Instagram followers and 581K YouTube subscribers. Born on September 29, 1995, she is not just a dancer and choreographer, but also a TV presenter, actor, and model. Based in Dubai, Nidhi is known for her captivating dance videos as well as her hilarious and engaging content. Beyond her impressive skills, she has her own merchandise line called NKD Merch and serves as the CEO of her own dance company, NKD(Nach Ke Dikha).

Shazeb Sheikh, the renowned choreographer, has amassed a dedicated following of 363k Instagram fans. Born on February 15, 1990, in India, Shazeb is a creative powerhouse in the industry. His viral videos, such as the captivating "Har Funn Maula," have garnered widespread acclaim. Known for his smooth dance moves that mesmerize audiences, Shazeb has collaborated with notable personalities like actress Sanya Malhotra and content creator Ankush Bhaguna.

Shazeb Sheikh, Indian dancer/choreographer

Sonal Devraj, also known as Bhaiyajiismile, is a dance sensation with 1.1 Million Instagram followers. Alongside her friend Nicole Concessao, she forms the dynamic dance duo Team Naach, with 5.1 Million YouTube subscribers. Sonal's decade-long career as a dancer, specializing in Bharatnatyam and Bollywood choreography, has earned her a reputation for grace and elegance.

Sonali Bhadauria, the dynamic dancer and creator, has 946K Instagram followers and 2.83M YouTube subscribers. Hailing from Pune, Maharashtra, she started her YouTube channel, "Live to Dance with Sonali," in 2016 while working as a software engineer. Known for her sensational Bollywood choreographies, Sonali's infectious energy and remarkable talent have earned her a dedicated fanbase.


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