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From Idea to Impact: bGREEN's Plant Protein Elevated by Flutch’s Insightful Strategies


Discover how Flutch collaborated with top fitness creators to revolutionize bGREEN's plant protein campaign. By delivering high-quality content, engaging concepts, and securing exclusive deals, Flutch effectively promoted bGREEN, increased brand relevance, and reached a massive audience.


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Campaign Objective

To enhance brand exposure amongst the target audience and devise a plan for bGreen to collaborate with fitness influencers and create top-notch content that fosters trust by positioning bGreen plant protein as a prominent product in the market.

What We Did

Our strategy for the bGreen plant protein was to collaborate exclusively with top fitness creators on Instagram and YouTube. We ensured that the content was of top-notch TVC quality where the creators effectively communicated the features of the bGreen products. 


We provided guidance and assistance to the creators directly to ensure that the videos were engaging and delivered on time. Our team also came up with fresh and creative concepts to keep the audience engaged. 


The main challenge was securing an exclusive deal with the chosen fitness influencers for bGreen. However, we successfully talked about this requirement to the creators and ensured a seamless collaboration. Overall, our approach resulted in high-quality content that effectively promoted the bGreen brand, increased its relevance in the market and the reach.



In order to highlight the significance of bGreen plant protein, we enlisted notable creators who have created a buzz around social platforms and also created reliable high-quality content. Some of these individuals include Rashmi Rai, Kavy, Yash Katyal, and Dr. Geethika Rawat. By leveraging their influence, we aim to raise awareness about the benefits of bGreen plant protein and encourage the audience to incorporate it into their diets.

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